Vision of Project Shreelay

Project Shreelay aims to design, develop, manufacture and Operate full size Humanoid Robot under $ 20,000.00 only.

This Humanoid Robot shall have autonomous behaviour in suitable environment. Environment can vary between different normal living conditions of human beings and pets.

This Humanoid Robot can compete with other humanoid systems like ASIMO, HUBO, REEM, HRP-2, Wabian, etc. in functions, activities and especially 'dynamics'.

Recent Activities

Developing Technical Demonstrator (TD-3).

  • It is Human like Palm and Fingers System which will be assembled on Rover (TD-1).


Parallel Activities

  • TESTING Prototype Harmonic Drive (160:1)

  • Solving Dynamics of TD-2 (13 DOFs leg system)

  • Designing and developing P-2


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