Operator Specifications

Full-Size Humanoid Robot Degrees of Freedom
HEIGHT 5 ft 6in (166 cm) HEAD Neck joint (Up/Down, Left/Right): 2DOF
WEIGHT 143 pounds (65 kg) ARMS Two
WALKING SPEED 1.24 mph (2.0 km/hour) Shoulder joints (Forward/Backward, Up/Down) 2 DOF
WALKING CYCLE Cycle Adjustable, Speed Adjustable Elbow joints (Forward/Backward) 1 DOF
ACTUATOR BLDC+Harmonic Speed Reducer+Drive Unit Wrist joints (Up/Down, Left/Right, Rotation) 3 DOF
FORCE 1.2 lbs/palm (4 finger hand) Total DOF of Arms: 12 DOF (6 DOF x 2 arms)
12 lbs/hand (elbow joint) PALMS Two
CONTROL UNIT Walk/Operating Control Unit, Wireless Transmission Unit 3 fingers (to grasp objects) and 1 Thumb, each has 3 DOF
Two Stereo Vision Systems, Compliance in All BLDC Joints DOF of Palms: 24 DOF (12 DOF x 2 hands)
SENSORS 6-axis Foot Area Sensors, Torque Sensors LEGS Two
Gyroscope, Acceleration Sensor HIP joints (Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Rotation) 3 DOF
POWER Rechargeable 37.1 V Lithium Ion Battery CROTCH joint (Forward/Backward, Left/Right Rotation) 3 DOF
OPERATING TIME 1.5 hours Knee joints (Forward/Backward) 1 DOF
OPERATION Workstation, Portable Controller in Robot itself Ankle joints (Forward/Backward, Left/Right) 2 DOF
Total DOF of Legs: 12 DOF (6 DOF x 2 legs)

Humanoid Hub


Recent Activities


Developing Technical Demonstrator (TD-3).
It is Human like Palm and Fingers System which will be assembled on Rover (TD-1).


Parallel Activities


Manufacturing Prototype Harmonic Drive (160:1)
Solving Dynamics of TD-2 (13 DOFs leg system)
Operationalizing TD-1 (Rover and Hand System)

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