Operator Patents

Currently Writing Papers as below:

1. Compliance and Stability of Mechatronic Joint
2. Pelvis joint for Humanoid Robot
3. Climbing with 14 DOFs leg system
4. Harmonic Drive and compliance of Mechatronic joint
5. Stability of 14 DOFs Leg system with Toe joint
6. 7 DOFs Palm and finger for Humanoid system
7. Stereo Vision and Robotic Head
8. Hand Eye Coordination through Stereo Vision

Recent Activities

Developing Technical Demonstrator (TD-3).

  • It is Human like Palm and Fingers System which will be assembled on Rover (TD-1).


Parallel Activities

  • TESTING Prototype Harmonic Drive (160:1)

  • Solving Dynamics of TD-2 (13 DOFs leg system)

  • Designing and developing P-2


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