Features of Operator Humanoid Robot

1. Full Size Humanoid Robot (human-like Walking).
2. Complaint Joints Systems
3. Two independent Stereo Vision Systems
4. Self -made Harmonic Drive (160:1) Reduction system
5. Full size hand, Palm and fingers
6. Autonomous Behaviour Program
7. Self - Logic Algorithm for problem solving
8. Light weight Structural body
9. Customize self - designed 6-axis F/T Sensors
10. Robot can Walk, Sit/Stand, Climb up/down ladder, lift object/s
11. Energy conservation in Dynamics and Logic of Robot
12. Fully functional palm and fingers for interacting with usual object/s
13. Made in India (Designed, Developed and Manufactured in India)

Recent Activities

Developing Technical Demonstrator (TD-3).

  • It is Human like Palm and Fingers System which will be assembled on Rover (TD-1).


Parallel Activities

  • TESTING Prototype Harmonic Drive (160:1)

  • Solving Dynamics of TD-2 (13 DOFs leg system)

  • Designing and developing P-2


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