Project Development

This project started in October' 2009 with a conceptual design and feasibility study of project. We aimed to design, develop, and manufacture Autonomous Full Size Humanoid Robot System. The first model of leg system worked at end of September 2010. The second model boxed leg system was developed to understand kinematics and material handling of the leg system in First Quarter of 2011.


In the first Quarter of 2011, First design of full single joint gear system was designed with worm & wheel gear reduction system. But this system didn't came to physical existence, thus, we decided to upgrade technicalities of system by accepting Harmonic Drive (160:1) reduction system. In Last Quarter of 2011, we started feasibility study of whole project all again, and decided to come up with several important changes in system and expected features of this humanoid system.


From January' 2012 onwards, parallel development in Mechanics and electronics gained momentum.
We decided to reduce cost of some important components of humanoid system, but not their performance. We developed stereo vision system and Harmonic Drive (160:1) system at 1/10th cost of other full size humanoid robots. We are up to evaluating their performance and life currently.


We are opting to file patent/s for our Research & Development in coming months.


This project is private. We have no collaboration with any Governmental, Non-Governmental, Educational, and Industrial Institution or organization in the world.
Cost Estimation of Project (Self Funded): $ 85,000.
Total Funds Spend till date: $ 50,000 (March'2016).
Funds Spend on Final Humanoid system: $ 10,000.
Funds Spend on KnowledgeBase Projects & TDs: $40,000.



Acknowledgement for support


Production and Manufacturing


We are extremely grateful to our friend and colleague and partner to M/S Siddarth Enterprise, Vithal Udyognagar, Gujarat, India; Prof. Ramesh Jivani who provided constant inspiration and technical and logistic support. He and his partner Mr. Nilesh of Siddarth Enterprise availed their facilities for the manufacturing and assembly of the products under the project. However we try to describe in one sentence, “Without is his contribution to the project this project would not realize”.


Likewise, BVM Engineering College Workshop technicians and supporting staff, Mr. P. I. Patel, Mr. Kathri, Mr. Katara, Mr. Paresh, Mr. Nitin, Mr. D. N. Patel, Mr. Ashokbhai, Mr. Kaushik, Mr. Babubhai, Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Dawood, Mr. Tim, Mr. Raju, Mr. Sayeed, Mr. Manu, and Mr. Pravinbhai participated actively in manufacturing and assembling of the robots.




Whenever, we stuck up in CAD modelling, we found the help from Prof. P. M. Agrawal, Mechanical Department, BVM. Help from Prof. S. P. Joshi, Mechanical Department (selection of material & heat treatment process), Prof. (Dr.) H. P. Patolia & Prof. Y. D. Patel (solving the problems of the dynamics) is credible for this project.




Prof. (Dr.) D. M. Patel, Electronics Department, BVM Engineering college for guidance in understanding fundamental electronics.



We are very much thankful to Prof. (Dr.) P. M. George, Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, BVM (Engineering College) and Prof. (Dr.) A. M. Trivedi, Head, Production Engineering Department, BVM (Engineering College) to avail the Workshops of the their departments.


Humanoid Hub


Recent Activities


Developing Technical Demonstrator (TD-3).
It is Human like Palm and Fingers System which will be assembled on Rover (TD-1).


Parallel Activities


Manufacturing Prototype Harmonic Drive (160:1)
Solving Dynamics of TD-2 (13 DOFs leg system)
Operationalizing TD-1 (Rover and Hand System)

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